Frequently asked questions

1. General

  • 1.1 When are the jumps?

    Jumps take place every Friday and at the weekends, depending on weather conditions. On Friday, the beginning of solo jumps is at 18:00, on Saturday and Sunday – at 09:00. Time of the tandem jump is caused individually upon registration, depending on weather conditions. Announcement and confirmation of jumps takes place every Thursday in our communities in social networks FB and VK.

  • 1.2 How to register?

    To register for the jump is enough to fill an online form, or call us: +380673120576, +380635264264. If you registering a group of more than 6 people, you have to confirm the registration for the specified numbers.

  • 1.3 What kinds of jumps are there?

    Here you can perform a jump of three types: solo-jump with forced opening of the parachute , a tandem jump with a free fall and static-line jump.

  • 1.4 Where is located the aerodrome?

    The aerodrome is located near t.Gorodok, Lviv region). To learn more, see “How to get”.

  • 1.5 How to get to the aerodrome?

    All possible ways of travel to the airdrome from Lviv and other cities are described in the section “How to get” to Tsuniv aerodrome.

  • 1.6 What do you need to have with?

    You must have documents, comfortable clothing and shoes for jumping.

  • 1.7 What medical certificates you need?

    You don’t need any medical certificates. There is a regular doctor at the aerodrome, so he is providing a medical examination immediately before the jump.

  • 1.8 Can I present a parachute jump to someone?

    Of course! This is a wonderful gift that will be remembered for a lifetime and bring vivid emotions. We have certificates for tandem and solo jumps. The cost of certificates is 4200 UAH to the tandem, and 810 UAH to the solo jump. Read more

2. Solo jump

3. Tandem jump

4. Other

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