Gift certificate



Gift certificate for a parachute jump – it’s a great opportunity to give a special person a piece of heaven. So you can celebrate an event, or arrange such an event actually by parachute jump. You can order a certificate for solo jump or jump with an instructor.


Price certificate for solo jump: 930 UAH.
Price certificate for a tandem jump: 4200 UAH.



When you buying a certificate,you must check the stamp of flying club in the coupon, without the stamp certificate will be deemed invalid. Gift certificate can not be returned and exchanged! Validity – one year from the date of purchase. If you select a day to jump, but for some reason it did not take place, it is transferred to any other hopping day.


You can order the certificate by phone: +380673120576, +380635264264

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Стрибки проводяться щовихідних за сприятливих погодніх умов. Для детальнішої інформації
про наступні стрибки ознайомтеся з анонсами стрибків.

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